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Leeds Antifascist Film Festival

Sat, 04/02/2012 - 11:00 to Sun, 05/02/2012 - 21:00


The Space
37-38 Mabgate Green
LS9 Leeds
United Kingdom
53° 48' 4.7052" N, 1° 31' 57.2592" W
Event organiser: 
Leeds ABC

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National Delegate Council accepts new Hull local

Last night, the Solidarity Federation held a National Delegate Council, during which delegates from our existing local formally voted to accept our new Hull local's request to affiliate. We are pleased to welcome our new local into the national federation.

The affiliation of the Hull local is just the latest development in the expanding of the organisation. We are also in the process of actively forming locals in Glasgow, Chester, Hastings, Portsmouth/Southampton, Dorset, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Cambridge.

If you agree with Solidarity Federation's aims and principles and wish to join us, get in touch.

Demonstration against the Conservative Local Government Conference

Fri, 24/02/2012 - 10:15 to 13:00


Queens Hotel
City Square
LS1 1PJ Leeds
United Kingdom
53° 47' 48.552" N, 1° 32' 50.7912" W
Event organiser: 
wysf/Mathew Makhno

Come and join the Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP and DCLG ministers at the annual Conservative Local Government Conference 2012.
Registration starts at 11.15, and the conference starts at 12.00. Demonstration will be from 10.15 at the Queens hotel in Leeds.  Bring lots of banners etc and lets give them all a warm welcome!

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November 30 strike propaganda

A3 Posters are still available from the SF Publicity Commission via brighton[AT]solfed.org.uk. Flyers are available from the Publicity Commission, but a print-friendly (black on white) pdf of the flyer is also attached below. Poster pdfs are also attached.

Pyramid of capitalist society

Design by prole.info, inspired by an old I.W.W. drawing, this poster is a portrayal of class society as it appears to us today. The whirlwind of market forces encircle and shape society, operating through our activity, yet behind our backs. People at different levels of the modern capitalist pyramid enjoy it or defend it or cope with it or fight it or get drunk to forget about their place in it.  

A1 size, £4 plus p&p.

The original drawing appeared in 1911 the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World. The inscriptions on the pyramid are : We rule you - we fool you - we shoot at you - we eat for you  - we feed all- we work for all.

Catalyst #28 out now

Catalyst #28 is out now, read it online here.

In this issue: 

With friends like these, who needs enemies? To beat the cuts, workers need to act independently of the trade union laws... and it's already happening.

Dispatches from the frontlines: Three London education workers speak about cuts, organising and casualisation in the sector.

Victory for the cleaners: unofficial action by Senate House and Guildhall cleaners gets results in London.

Sparks fly: electricians direct action over pay cuts.

Plus: your basic rights at work, pensions, NHS privatisation, letters, international round up and much more.

New pamphlets and posters for the London Anarchist Bookfair

Solfed has been busy for the London Anarchist Bookfair, which is on at Queen Mary University this Saturday. Alongside launching a new range of posters and pamphlets, we will be running a large stall with books, mugs and even shopping bags (oh yes, we went to a great deal of trouble in the irony stakes), alongside hosting two key talks for the day.

The first talk, starting at noon (Room 3.23), will play off our popular workplace organiser training sessions, looking at the nuts and bolts of how to turn your workplace from a soul-crushing bore into a hive of lively rebellious activity.


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