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SolFed at the London Anarchist Bookfair

Solfed has been busy for the London Anarchist Bookfair, which is on at Queen Mary University this Saturday. Alongside launching a new range of posters and pamphlets, we will be running a large stall with books, mugs and even shopping bags (oh yes, we went to a great deal of trouble in the irony stakes), alongside hosting two key talks for the day.

The first talk, starting at noon (Room 3.23), will play off our popular workplace organiser training sessions, looking at the nuts and bolts of how to turn your workplace from a soul-crushing bore into a hive of lively rebellious activity.

Hardest Hit Demo (LEEDS)

Sat, 22/10/2011 - 13:00


Leeds City Art Gallery
The Headrow
United Kingdom
53° 47' 57.9264" N, 1° 32' 42.1044" W
Event organiser: 
Yorkshire and Humberside Hardest Hit

On Saturday 22 October a protest will take place against cuts to disability benefits and services.

The rally starts at 1pm outside Leeds City Art Gallery on the Headrow.

It is just one of a number of rallies happening on the same day, in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds, Nottingham,Brighton, Manchester, Newcastle and Bristol  

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SolFed on the 'report an anarchist' news story

On Sunday, Solidarity Federation was contacted by a Guardian journalist regarding revelations that police in London were advising members of the public to report local anarchists as potential terrorists. SolFed's external relations officer, who is delegated by our organisation to deal with press and media enquiries, made a statement which was quoted in Monday's newspaper and can be read below.

The police have subsequently retracted their advice after it resulted in widespread hilarity amongst anarchists and non-anarchists alike.

New community strategy launched

SolFed have launched our new community strategy, which comes after months of internal discussions. The strategy mostly existing best practice within the organisation, as well as drawing inspiration from other solidarity-based community organising in the UK and around the world. The strategy sets out the general principles we organise with, before setting out our approach to some of the more common issues we get involved in, from residents associations, anti-fascism and disputes with letting and employment agencies.

Anti-fascist Prisoner Support UK

A new website has been set up by an informal solidarity group formed of families, partners, friends and comrades in order to provide financial support for imprisoned anti-fascists. After being arrested, having property confiscated, losing jobs and being left on bail for two years, a group of anti fascists have been sent to prison and they need our support.

Resisting fascism is important, and people that are persecuted by the state for resisting fascism should not be forgotten or ignored.

J30 Strike website

Check out the J30 Strike website for info on pickets and actions around the strike in your area.


Women of the Working Class

Written by Mal Finch, Women of the Working Class was adopted as the anthem of the Women Against Pit Closures campaign during the miners strike of 1984/85. The spirit of working-class resistance and self-reliance represented in the song is needed now more than ever. This song needs to be heard again far and wide.

"We don't need government approval for anything we do/We don't need their permission to have a point of view/We don't need anyone to tell us what to think or say/We've strength enough and wisdom of our own, to go our own way."

Elmo the anarcho-syndicalist

This has been doing the rounds on social networking sites and has made us chuckle. Well worth a listen!

Also, keep an eye out for Buffy the Anarcho-Syndicalist. More info here.

Victory against Office Angels!

Solidarity Federation has recently been leading a campaign in support of Dan, a former temporary worker employed by the Office Angels recruitment agency over unpaid wages. The past week has seen a national week of action against the agency, and response has been phenomenal, with pickets of branches across the country. This was to be followed by an international week of action, against both the company, and parent company Adecco, with a large number of pickets planned across the world. Whilst on the pickets yesterday we were informed by Office Angels that they had given in and paid Dan all the wages he was owed. We've now had this confirmed by Dan himself so would like to thank everyone who supported this struggle.

New 'theory & practice' pamphlet series launched

This series is published to both document interesting accounts from workers in struggle, as well as attempts to draw the theoretical lessons from them. Both original and republished texts are included. Most, but not all, are from the anarcho-syndicalist tradition. All are selected for their relevance for workers looking to organise today. The first two titles cover the Workmates collective on the London Underground, and an expanded reprint of the (now out of print) 1995 SolFed pamphlet on the shipyard struggles in Puerto Real.


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